Friday, April 2, 2010


contorted into a yurt
can and will be

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mirror Me (Althoff & Stosuy)

Stills from 3-part epic performance/installation by Kai Althoff 'n Brandon Stosuy.
I contributed performative elements alongside Matteah Baim, Philip Best, Liturgy, Lionel Maunz, Peter Sotos, Scott Campbell, Zach Baron, Adam Helms, Karlynn Holland, Mitch Kehe, Theo Stanley, Nick Z, Matt Zaremba.

Installation/Performance at Dispatch Gallery; Video & Zine shown in White Columns annual, 'Looking Back' 2009.

zine with contributions from all previously mentioned names available via Amazon: here

Some Names

Thwarted Symmetry

Some Names rrrr Nevrrrr Broekn

Omitted Subject

Pickin Favorite Children

Intestinal Doll



Winged Machine

This One I Did Not Make
But Some Lovely Chinese Friends of Mine
Made It Especially For Me.

Pirl Nickliss

Pearl Neckless
On Two Dimension Women

hey-sorry, hey-it-happens

One Time Kazakhstan

In Far lands For some days
discotheque in mountains, etc.